Accessories for convenient laser engraving

If you’re looking for a convenient laser engraving process, it goes without saying that you need a good system to work with, but you also need practical tools that make your day-to-day work even easier. This is exactly why Mobil-Mark has been working closely with its customers right from the outset to develop a whole host of special solutions. As it turned out, these ended up being so appealing to a wider customer base that they eventually resulted in a wide range of accessories. Our development engineers always take care of your individual requirements down to the very last detail and adapt the marking system accordingly for precise results. We really are confident that we have something to handle every requirement – and if we don’t have it, we’ll develop it!

Sealing units

Whether you’re dealing with flat or round surfaces, and small or large marking fields, the sealing units from Mobil-Mark are individually adapted so that they can mark any surface. But perhaps best of all, they can be attached to the laser head or changed in just a few steps, meaning you can do things like mark pipes or even corners easily, cleanly and precisely. Mobil-Mark allows you to work on marking fields of up to 100 x 100 mm. Need to go bigger? No problem! We develop specially adapted sealing units to suit your specific requirements.


Film dispenser

For flat, scratch-resistant and permanent laser engravings on ceramics, glass or metal, many applications call for individual laser marking. The new and practical film dispenser from Mobil-Mark can be attached to the laser head as an attachment in no time at all. It provides a film with a PVD coating material (such as titanium, gold or silver), which the laser then applies to the workpiece to be engraved. This allows two steps to be carried out in next to no time without any complications. As such, the film dispenser offers you a fast, convenient and automated way to carry out your engraving projects with no preparatory or finishing work required. It can be used in conjunction with the Quasar, which has a power rating of 20 watts, and is capable of creating marking fields of up to 25 x 10 mm using the ready-made, 16 mm wide films.

Extraction filter systems

We offer two compact extraction filter systems especially for filtering harmful gases and vapours. The MM KFS FA1 version effectively absorbs and filters out gases and vapours that are hazardous to health, such as those produced when marking certain metals (such as chrome-nickel steels). We also offer the MM KFS FA5 version, which uses an additional filter to extract and filter out the hazardous gases that occur as a by-product when laser marking plastics (ABS, SB, PP, etc.). Both versions feature a high filter capacity and energy-efficient operation and can be connected to the Mobil-Mark® laser marking system with plug-and-play functionality. For additional safety, a filter monitoring system is also integrated into the device.

Protective gas marking module

The Mobil-Mark® laser marking systems can be enhanced with a protective gas marking module to guarantee permanently corrosion-free engraving results without any subsequent passivation. Long-term salt spray tests have confirmed the corrosion resistance of the markings created under these conditions. What’s more, the processing time of the workpiece is reduced by up to 50 per cent when using the gas mixture.

Vertical stand

Mobil-Mark has also included a vertical stand in its product range to support stationary use of its laser engraving machine. It contains a fixed laser head that can be guided up and down either electrically or with a manual quick adjustment. This exact positioning feature is perfect for constant series marking and is the ideal solution for environments such as small series production facilities, development departments and laboratories.

Touch panel

In marking processes where new designations have to be repeatedly entered manually, convenient and efficient handling at every stage of the process is absolutely indispensable. This is exactly why Mobil-Mark can offer a handy touch panel mounted on the laser on request, which is used to configure the marking. The computer integrated into the laser can be conveniently controlled using software via the remote desktop control function on the tablet.

Barcode reader

For a simple way to fill predefined labelling layouts with constantly changing content in a short time, a barcode reader is the ideal solution. This can be easily connected to the laser via the USB port and allows contents to be read in and transferred to the laser without interference.

Laser protection housing for small parts

Our product portfolio includes a standard laser protection housing as an add-on to the mobile laser and to accommodate the laser head. The parts to be marked are placed on a lift table, aligned according to a red-light laser reticle and marked in a self-contained, safety-monitored housing of laser protection class 1.

Mobile stand

Our mobile laser system can be expanded to include a practical mobile tripod. The stand can be extended up to 1.5 m and has 4 wheels that allow it to be transported to your chosen marking area. It can then be locked in place with the aid of roller brakes. The crank allows you to adjust the height along the vertical and horizontal axes. For laser marking, the laser head can be fixed to a designated holder that allows it to be manually swivelled and locked at a 90° angle. When using the mobile stand, laser marking can be carried out precisely at changing locations without having to operate the laser manually.

Laser handling system

The laser handling system developed by Mobil-Mark makes handling the laser easier than ever and minimises any positioning and mounting errors that could lead to a loss of marking quality. The articulated arm handling system offers an operating radius of approx. 1.5 m and comes complete with special brackets to accommodate the laser marking head. As such, the marking head can be continuously rotated (approx. +/- 90°) and swivelled (approx. 0–100°) to facilitate marking from the front, from the left or right, and from above. In the marking position, the joints of the handling system are held in position by spring-applied brakes, which are operated pneumatically.

Laser head support

When it comes to large series production, it is important to mark not only efficiently, but also ergonomically. With this in mind, we can make your manual engraving processes easier than ever with the help of a suspension device for the laser head. Attaching the laser head to the support couldn’t be any more straightforward, and this in turn can be combined with any standard balancer from your production facility. It takes virtually no time or effort at all to pull the laser head to the engraving location, where you can work without bending down.


Magnetic foot holder / Suction foot holder

The perfect tool for precise marking on smooth surfaces is a reliable holder to prevent the laser head from slipping. This is precisely why we offer either a magnetic or suction foot holder for your marking processes, which are designed to manual engraving that bit easier. Both of these holders are height-adjustable and can be locked in place in no time at all. They even feature an integrated spirit level to help with alignment. Both versions can be combined with the ceramic laser Nova-f as well as with the universal laser Quasar.

Parallel gripping system

Very hard materials or parts that require particularly deep engraving call for long marking times with the laser in a fixed position. So in order to ensure precise engraving, Mobil-Mark has developed a parallel gripping system that reliably fixes the laser to the component to be marked during the marking process while also facilitating a perfectly centred position for the engraving.