The innovative mobil-mark® laser systems know no limits and can therefore tackle your marking tasks. Our developing engineers deal with your individual requirements down to the smallest detail and carefully tailor the marking system to your specific needs – from the laser unit via various attachments through to the integration of different accessories.

Vertical stand

For the stationary use of the laser system, Mobil-Mark offers a vertical stand, which holds the laser head in place. The laser head is either guided by a manual quick adjustment or guided up and down electrically. The exact positioning facilitates consistent serial marking and is the ideal solution e.g. for small series production, development departments and laboratories

Laser handling system

Developed by Mobil-Mark, the laser handling system simplifies the operation of the laser and minimizes possible positioning or holding mistakes, which could lead to quality loss in the marking. The articulated arm system is equipped with special intakes, which take in the laser marking head and offer an operating radius of approx. 1.5 m.
The marking head can be steplessly turned (approx. +/- 90 °) and swiveled (approx. 0-100 °), so that the marking is possible from the front, from the left, the right and from above. In an assumed marking position, the joints of the handling system are held in position by spring-applied brakes. The operation of the spring-applied brakes is pneumatic

Laser safety enclosure for small parts

Our product portfolio includes a standard laser safety enclosure as an addition to the mobile laser and for the intake of the laser marking head. The parts that are being marked are placed on a lift table, positioned according to a red light laser reticle and marked in a self-contained enclosure with safety monitoring of laser protection class 1.

External filtering device

Specially for the filtering of gases and vapours, which can, for example, develop during the marking of stainless steel, we offer a compact external filtering device. The system scores with considerable flexibility, as well as energy-efficient operation and can be connected to the mobil-mark® laser marking system. An integrated filter-monitoring system ensures additional safety.

Mobile stand

Our mobile laser system can be expanded by a convenient mobile stand. The stand is extendable to up to 1.5 m and has 4 wheels, due to which it is transportable to the desired marking area. There it can be locked into place by roller brakes. The adjustment along the vertical and horizontal axis is done with a crank. For the marking the laser head can be attached to the designated mount. There the laser head can be manually pivoted in a 90° angle and locked into place. With the mobile stand the laser marking can be executed perfectly at different places – without manually operating the laser.

Parallel gripper system

Very hard materials or work pieces that need to be engraved especially deeply, require long marking times and a consistent laser position throughout. For a precise marking, Mobil-Mark developed a parallel gripper system that firmly fixes the laser to the work piece during the engraving process. This also guarantees an exactly centered position of the marking.

Touch panel

During marking processes, which require the repeated entry of new contents, a comfortable and efficient handling of the work process is essential. On demand, Mobil-Mark therefore also offers a handy touch panel, mounted on the laser, through which the marking can be configured. The computer that is integrated into the laser can be conveniently operated via the remote desktop control function of the tablet

Barcode reader

The use of a barcode reader is an easy possibility to fill pre-configured marking layouts with continually changing contents in a short amount of time. The barcode reader can be seamlessly connected to the laser via USB port. It enables you to input the contents you want to engrave on your work piece error-free into the laser.

Magnetic foot holder /
Vakuum foot holder

The perfect aid for precise marking on smooth surfaces is a reliable holding device: it prevents the laser head from slipping. For this reason, we offer a magnetic foot holder or a vacuum foot holder to facilitate manual engraving. Both holders can be adjusted in height and locked in place in no time. An integrated level helps with the alignment. Both versions can be combined with both the Nova-f ceramic laser and the Quasar universal laser. 


Inert gas marking module

The mobil-mark® laser marking systems can be expanded by adding an inert gas marking module, in order to achieve a permanently non-corrosive engraving result without the need for subsequent passivation. The long-term spray tests have confirmed the corrosion resistance of the markings produced with this method. Another advantage: when using the gas mixture, the processing time of the work piece is reduced by up to 50%.