Laser marking applications / Areas of Application

One marking laser – endless possibilities.

From manual laser marking through to the operation in combination with an industrial robot: mobil-mark® is as flexible as your production process needs it to be.




Manual laser marking

The portability of the system and the flexibility of the laser head allows to simply take the laser to the finished product. You merely attach the laser head to the desired position, push the start button and the label is instantly done. You can choose between different additional components and different optics, to cover a marking area of up to 100 x 100 mm.


Application in an assembly line.

For the use in assembly lines the mobil-mark® laser offers considerable advantages.

Without a costly laser safety enclosure, the laser head with its safety mechanisms can be easily moved by an x-, y-, and z-axis. A small movement is enough to attach the head closely and safely to the product and to activate the marking with an external trigger. Afterwards, a new position can be chosen for the next marking.

Application with industrial robots.

The flexibility of mobil-mark® enables you to use it with industrial robots without a safety enclosure. The robot takes the laser head and moves to the target position in a three-dimensional space. The communication with the laser control system allows, for instance, for large-scale marking, which are pieced together like a mosaic.

Laser safety enclosure for small parts.

Our product portfolio includes two standard laser safety enclosures (big and small). The parts that are being labeled are placed on a lift table, positioned according to a red light laser reticle and labeled in a self-contained enclosure which meets laser protection class 1.

Exact positioning with a vertical stand.

To use the mobile labelling system in a stationary applications, simply clamp the laser head into the vertical stand (z-axis), so it will be preciously guided up and down manually, electrically or pneumatically. The exact positioning enables constant and repeatable labelling and is the ideal solution for small batch production, development departments and laboratories, for example.