Laser engraving of powder-coated materials

Masterful and precise

Engraving powder-coated materials

Powder-coated components can be marked with the Quasar engraving laser. These components include:

Pulverbeschichtete Teile lassen sich mit den mobilen und stationären Beschriftungslasern von Mobil-Mark kennzeichnen – zum Beispiel:

  • 5Spare parts
  • 5Structural components
  • 5Furniture
  • 5Shop fittings
  • 5Individual pieces

Examples of use

Common areas of application for the Mobil-Mark lasers include the marking of the following powder-coated items:

Various marking processes on powder-coated materials

Infographic: foaming


Position laser head on workpiece, apply laser, job done. The gas bubbles that develop on the surface cause a colour change (lighter, white or grey, depending on the material), and a slightly raised marking is created.

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Comprehensive range of accessories to allow customisation for every application.

The Mobil-Mark engraving lasers can be optimally equipped for any individual area of application in the marking of powder-coated materials. To that end, Mobil-Mark offers a broad range of accessories that precisely optimise the laser for every application. Below are a few examples. 


Engraving laser in action

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