Lasermarking in automated production

The mobil-mark® laser system opens up new avenues for laser marking with the help of a robot: Due to its safety concept, the mobil-mark® is laser-protection-class-1-certified and can be operated without safety enclosure. Owing to the base unit’s minimal space requirements, the laser can be integrated at any point in the production, even into existing production processes.
Every position in three-dimensional space can be assumed, since the laser can take any desired position through communication with the laser control. This, in turn, facilitates large-scale markings, which are pieced together like a mosaic.


Flexible and universally usable laser engraving machine

The portable, universally usable laser tackles virtually all your marking tasks.
The system consists of a compact power and control unit and the laser hand piece, which is connected to the basic unit through a protective tube.

An easy, straightforward change of lenses and attachments enables mobil-mark®’s unmatched versatility.

mobil-mark® marks a variety of materials.

Laser engraving with the use of a robot

Why laser engraving with mobil-mark®

  • The laser for every marking task
  • The laser comes to the product, not the other way around
  • Laser protection class 1 (no safety goggles or safety enclosure needed)
  • Adaptable to every contour
  • Integrated computer with marking software