laser engraving ceramic

A sophisticated material that calls for a sophisticated laser engraving technique.

This is a material we most likely come across on a daily basis in one form or another. Comprising feldspar, kaolin and quartz, ceramic has been used to make tiles, crockery and sanitary fittings for over 30,000 years. Today, there are many well-known companies involved in the production of high-quality and durable ceramics, and it goes without saying that quality ceramics always include durable and razor-sharp markings.


Mobil-Mark has specialised in this popular yet fragile material right from the start, but it is not easy to engrave: just a few micrometres can make all the difference between success or failure when it comes to adding laser markings, so the utmost care and precision are essential. This is where the Nova-f® comes in – a ceramic laser specially developed by Mobil-Mark to not only withstand harsh production conditions and high levels of dust, but also offer a long service life. And our customers just love it.

Our partners

Professional laser accessories for the ceramic industry

What makes a good laser accessory? – It has to be genuinely useful to those using it and, most importantly of all, make production conditions more efficient for companies. With this in mind, Mobil-Mark has worked closely with its customers to develop a range of special laser engraving accessories designed especially for ceramic to accompany its premium laser. The results include a whole host of standard solutions along with some revolutionary new technologies you should definitely try out for yourselves!

Film dispenser

New to the market: The Mobil-Mark film dispenser is capable of dispensing PVD-coated film onto ceramic, which the laser then applies directly to the workpiece to be engraved. The whole process is fast, convenient and saves time. The compact, lightweight film dispenser can be fitted on the laser head in no time at all.

Spray coatings

Apply, dry, add laser markings, remove excess material: it’s as easy as these four steps to apply a spray coating to glass or ceramic before laser marking them. You can also take advantage of several colour options. The applied colour is completely dry within just 1–2 minutes. After the drying process, the laser melts the corresponding colour onto the workpiece to be marked using the energy from the laser beam. Any residue can then be simply wiped away with a cloth.

Laser handling system

From washbasins to shower trays, the ceramics industry often calls for heavy, complex workpieces to be laser engraved, which means the laser used has to have a large operating radius. The laser handling system developed by Mobil-Mark offers you both ease of operation and the possibility to avoid positioning and mounting errors.

Want to see for yourself?

No matter what material we’re engraving, the results are always precise and long-lasting – and ceramics are no different! We regularly post examples of our laser marking work on ceramics and other materials on our Instagram.


There’s no such thing as can’t!

Do you need to add laser marking to a hard-to-reach product surface? That’s no problem at all with our sealing units. We manufacture these on request to ensure laser engravings can be made right into even the trickiest of corners.

With the right sealing unit, you can even use laser engraving to add not only logos or lettering, but also complex surface textures. And we always work to our motto of lightproof, airproof and laser safe. These three parameters are always fulfilled by Mobil-Mark’s patented safety technology in combination with the laser attachment, meaning the engraving process can be started safely.

The innovative laser engraving machine can also handle your marking tasks

With Mobil-Mark®, the possibilities really are endless. Our development engineers take care of your individual requirements down to the very last detail and adapt the marking system accordingly for precise results.

Products we can mark include:

Glass systems, glass apparatus, mirrors, advertising materials and much more besides.

Application procedure

Special laser colours are melted onto the products to be marked using the energy from the laser beam. The application height measures just a fraction of a millimetre. This results in different lettering colours while the surface remains virtually unchanged. The application method is particularly suitable for glass and ceramics.

mobil-mark® marks a variety of materials.