Integrated laser marking in batch production

As laser specialists with long-term industry experience we know what it takes to seamlessly integrate a marking system into batch production.
On the basis of this know-how, we adapt the mobil-mark® laser system exactly to the requirements of your production environment. For that purpose we not only develop application-specific, automatically positionable mounts for the laser hand piece, but also integrate the base unit seamlessly into the existing infrastructure.

Whether in a rotary indexing machine or on a conveyor belt: the flexibility and the safety concept of the mobil-mark® laser system offer a lot of advantages. Without an expensive safety enclosure the laser head and its safety equipment can be moved along the x-, y-, and z-axis. A small vertical lift will suffice to attach the head closely as well as laser-safe, and to start the marking with the external control. Afterwards a new position, e.g. for a different marking, can be assumed.


Flexible and universally usable laser engraving machine

The portable, universally usable laser tackles virtually all your marking tasks.
The system consists of a compact power and control unit and the laser hand piece, which is connected to the basic unit through a protective tube.

An easy, straightforward change of lenses and attachments enables mobil-mark®’s unmatched versatility.

mobil-mark® marks a variety of materials.

Welding and lasermarking

Why laser engraving with mobil-mark®

• The laser for every marking task
• The laser comes to the product, not the other way around
• Laser protection class 1 (no safety goggles or safety enclosure needed)
• Adaptable to every contour
• Integrated computer with marking software