Laser marking on metals

Size and shape of the objects you want to mark do not play any role in the application of mobil-mark® – the marking system can even be used in places that are hard to access. When marking for instance metal, the device can be easily adjusted, thanks to various attachments, to suit the task at hand. The decisive advantage over adhesive labels and printed inscriptions is that the laser marking does not rub off or fade, which ensures a permanent and forgery-proof marking.

The innovative system that accomplishes all of your labeling tasks.

mobil-mark® knows no limits. Our developing engineers deal with your individual requirements down to the smallest detail and carefully tailor the labeling system to your specific needs.


Examples of materials:

Injection molds, tools, spare parts, large ball bearings, filter cartridges, heavy load labels, load bearing plates

mobil-mark® marks a variety of materials.

Edelstahlstainless steelGlasglas
Holzwood              Keramikceramic
Kunststoff plastic