Laser engraving powder

When marking powder-coated materials, the varnish is being frothed up, but not removed. Hence, the metal surface stays protected. Depending on the laser parameter, the frothing can achieve different shades. This method of permanent marking is especially common in, for example, enclosure construction and apparatus engineering. The laser marking systems by Mobil-Mark refine and enhance products even in this area

The innovative laser engraving machine that accomplishes all of your labeling tasks

mobil-mark® knows no limits. Our developing engineers deal with your individual requirements down to the smallest detail and carefully tailor the labeling system to your specific needs.

Mark for example:

Casings, doors, handrails and much more.

Frothing and carbonization

During frothing gas bubbles are being created in the surface. A slightly elevated marking emerges and a color change sets in. The gas bubbles generate a light, white or grey marking in plastics. During carbonization the conversion from plastics to carbon results in a dark marking.

mobil-mark® marks a variety of materials.