Laser marking stainless steel

The mobil-mark® laser systems are perfectly suited to the marking or engraving of stainless steel objects in mobile or stationary operation. In order to improve the corrosion resistance of the laser marking, especially of alloyed steels, the laser can be supplied with inert gas (e.g. nitrogen) via a switching unit. For a lasting and precise marking of various metals, annealing marking and laser engraving are especially suitable.

The innovative system that accomplishes all of your marking tasks.

mobil-mark® knows no limits. Our developing engineers deal with your individual requirements down to the smallest detail and carefully tailor the marking system to your specific needs.

Mark for example:

Process equipment, packaging machinery, machines for food production, knives, kitchen equipment, catering supplies, serving utensils and much more.

Annealing marking

The annealing marking is especially suitable for stainless steel. Depending on the material very high contrast is achieved and no ablation occurs.


The engraving leaves an indentation on the part. The immense pulse energy of several kilowatts, which only lasts billionths of a second, shoots the material and an ablation, like the one resulting from sandblasting, is generated. Throughout, the material itself stays virtually cold, so that even very thin sheet metals can be marked.

mobil-mark® marks a variety of materials.