Fiber laser mobil-mark® Quasar

Part of our repertoire is an efficient portable fiber laser for precise, durable markings on all kinds of materials. The laser comes in three different versions with performance levels of 20, 30 and 60 watts. The pulse frequencies in all three versions are variable from 1 to 400 kHz. Whether it’s metal, plastics or ceramics, annealing marking, application marking, or deep engraving: the Quasar laser marking system always offers the optimal solution.



Delicate or non-corrosive

The different optics with focal lengths from 63 mm to 160 mm will give you even more flexibility, since they enable you to mark areas with up to 120 x 100 mm. In special cases we can achieve a marking area of 400 x 380 mm thanks to focal lengths of up to 580 mm. The beam diameter is 20 µm with a f = 100 mm optics, so that even delicate markings can be executed to perfection. For difficult requirements to steel markings, for example in the pharmaceutical or food sector, we can use inert gas instead of air in order to achieve a non-corrosive marking. The power consumption during marking amounts to 300 watts – a conventional 240 V power outlet will suffice for the operating of the laser.

Technical data of the MOPA fiber laser:

  • Power output: 20 / 30 / 60 watts
  • wave length: 1064 nm
  • pulse frequency range: 1 – 400 kHz
  • full power frequency range: 30 – 400 kHz
  • maximum pulse energy: 0,6 mJ / 0,8 mJ / 1,2 mJ
  • pulse width: 200 ns (fixed)
  • laser focus diameter: approx. 20 µm (lense f=80 mm)
  •  laser output pulse peaks: approx. 30 kW / 40 kW / 60 kW
  • marking speed: maximum 5000 mm/s