mobil-mark® Nova-f: Laser engraving with the fibre laser for the ceramic industry

From sanitary ware through medical engineering products to high-quality tableware: the marking of ceramic products requires a reliable process which does not damage the sensitive surfaces and applies long-lasting markings. It is also important to work with a laser that can withstand the tough conditions prevalent in the ceramics industry: insensitivity to dust and durability in long-term operation are decisive selection criteria. The new generation of Nova-f has been developed specifically for the contract marking of spray paint and films in the sanitary ware industry. It also stands out thanks to a laser diode service life of 100,000 hours. The laser contains all the components important for laser marking and – just like the universal laser from Mobil-Mark, the Quasar – can be put into operation immediately and without additional protective measures being necessary thanks to certification with laser protection class 1 and integrated marking software. Simply connect to the local power supply and the marking process can begin!

Typical laser applications

laser engraving of sanitary ware

One typical field of application for the ceramic laser is the sanitary sector: washbasins, bathtubs or WCs are core products of the sector that need to be marked. The Nova-f engraves them reliably and precisely in your series production – even automatically.


Laser marking of ceramic tableware

Whether it’s plates, cups or bowls: Durable and precise engraving is a must for high-quality ceramic tableware. Even ceramic products that require delicate markings are reliably marked by the Nova-f.


Laser engraving of industrial ceramics

Ceramic is also a frequently used material in industry. As opposed to ceramics used for decorative purposes, this type of ceramic differs due to the narrower grain size tolerances of its starting materials and often due to special firing processes. Of course, the Nova-f also masters these ceramics, engraving them reliably, durably and accurately.

You can find further information about engraving on ceramics here.


This is why the Nova-f is particularly suitable for marking ceramics

Ceramic is a hard, rigid, yet fragile material: When engraving this material, a few micrometres can make the difference between success and failure. Thanks to the high performance of the Nova-f MOPA fibre laser, the quality and cycle time of engraving can also be increased. In addition, the Nova-f is a long-life laser that features a high level of resistance notwithstanding high dust levels, such as those found in the ceramic industry.

These products will make laser engraving easier for you

In the ceramic industry, it is often necessary to mark large and heavy products with complex geometries reliably. To minimise positioning or mounting errors, we recommend the additional purchase of the laser handling system. With its articulated arm technology and an operating radius of 1.5 metres, it offers a great deal of flexibility.

Learn more about the laser handling system and the comprehensive range of accessories from Mobil-Mark here.

Small egraving laser, major advantages

The laser has a small and handy design, with a footprint of only 520 mm x 430 mm. Yet despite its small size, the laser offers numerous advantages: an unlimited number of marking jobs can be saved directly on the PC in the laser. In addition, it is possible to change conveniently between 15 marking jobs thanks to a job selection switch on the device. A further advantage is that a standard 220V socket is sufficient for operating the Nova-f. The laser can be used for marking areas up to 120×100 mm using different optics. If necessary, a touchscreen for direct control can be connected via sockets on the unit or a Windows PC can be connected by remote desktop function to control the marking software.

Technical data of the MOPA fibre laser:

  • Power output: 20 watts – CW
  • Wavelength: 1064 nm
  • Laser focus diameter: approx. 40 µm (lens f=80 mm)
  • Marking speed: maximum 5000 mm/s