Technoform relies on flexible marking lasers from Mobil-Mark

Technoform specialises in the special extrusion of thermoplastic profiles. With more than 1,500 employees at 45 production and sales sites worldwide, the German family-managed company from Kassel is the international market leader in its segment and constant technology driver. Its high-tech products not only include highly thermally insulating window and door profiles and heat-optimised edge bond solutions, but also customised heat transfer surfaces for heat exchangers for industry and power stations. These heat transfer surfaces are extruded from a mixture of polymers and graphite and have unique properties – they transfer heat just as well as metallic materials but are significantly more resistant to corrosion, more durable and more cost-efficient. Since 2019 Technoform has marked every one of these heat transfer surfaces with consecutive serial numbers using flexible engraving lasers from Mobil-Mark.

Abrasion-proof serial number required

Technoform attaches great importance to top quality and absolute precision in its entire product and service portfolio. During extrusion of the special tubes, heated plastic granulate is pressed through a tool mould in the geometry specified by the customer. Up to now, the serial number has been printed on every workpiece prior to the subsequent finishing process. Since this marking was only superficial, it could easily wear off. However, Technoform wanted a permanent marking solution for complete quality documentation and traceability of each heat transfer surface – which is where the laser marking systems from Mobil-Mark came in. Employees had discovered the customer-specific solutions of the Ulm-based laser specialists during internet research, immediately recognised the benefits of the mobile engraving lasers requested more detailed information.

Engraving laser + robot = tailor-made solution

After Technoform had found out more about the added value of the German laser solutions and placed the order, Mobil-Mark developed a tailor-made system for the permanent marking of special tubes in accordance with the dimensional specifications provided by Technoform. At the heart of the system is the Quasar laser with 20 Watt output capacity. The unit is combined with the UR3 industrial robot from Universal Robots for the marking of any heat transfer surface – which means the automated system meets both all the ergonomic requirements for workstations as well as flexibility for marking and increasing productivity in production.

Customised marking for every geometry

Adam Biermann from the team Heat Transfer Solutions by Technoform is satisfied with the decision in favour of the Mobil-Mark solution. “Use of the extremely flexible Mobil-Mark laser marking system makes it possible for us to mark very individual customer-specific geometries in a wide range of different spots. We can use the unit to set the precise depth of the engraving in such a way that it does not cause any product damage and yet still provides permanent marking.”