Mobil-Mark Laser ABC:

Interesting facts about our laser marking systems at a glance

What exactly is a fibre laser? And how much warranty do I have on Mobil-Mark laser systems? You’ll find answers to these and other questions in the informative Mobil-Mark Laser ABC.

Automation: Thanks to their flexibility, Mobil-Mark laser systems can also be used in combination with robots.

Base station: The laser consists of a compact base station, where all important displays and control switches are located, along with a Windows PC and software. The chassis and the practical handset holder allow the station to be moved quickly and easily to the workpiece to be marked.

Intended use: When used as intended, Mobil-Mark lasers comply with laser protection class 1 and can be used without safety glasses and protective housing.

Marking: Laser marking is a permanent, precise and forgery-proof form of engraving that, with Mobil-Mark systems, is possible on almost any material.

CO2 lasers: The medium of a CO2 laser is carbon dioxide. The laser is particularly efficient and economical, which is why this type of laser is used especially in industrial material processing.

Data matrix code: In addition to the marking of QR codes, this type of code is a typical application in the industrial marking of products. Our laser marking systems master this marking task expertly and tamper-proof.

Emission: The principle of stimulated emission is basic to the functioning of the laser: In this process, the emission of a photon (light particle of electromagnetic radiation) does not occur spontaneously, but is triggered (stimulated) by another photon.

Fibre lasers: This type of laser belongs to the family of solid state lasers. In this case, the laser beam is amplified by special glass fibres. Our Mobil-Mark laser is a fibre laser.

Warranty: Your device is guaranteed to function perfectly during the warranty period of two years. Should malfunctions nonetheless occur despite using the device as intended, a free repair is included in the warranty period.

Handset: Maximum freedom of movement: At Mobil-Mark, this is an important standard for manual engraving. This is why we equipped our laser handset with an adequately long tube connection.

Integrated: Everything is efficiently clocked during production. Mobil-Mark laser systems can be integrated into any production environment, including retrofitting, eliminating the need for laborious conversions that can lead to a lengthy interruption in production.

Job selection switch: Need to switch easily back and forth between several current marking jobs? No problem with mobil-mark® laser systems: Up to 15 jobs can be stored and called up using the job selector switch on the device. The number of marking jobs in the computer is virtually unlimited.

No additional protective measures: From safety glasses to protective housing and protective clothing: In laser engraving, additional protective measures are often necessary, but impractical. Good thing our laser systems are already certified with laser protection class 1 so they can be used safely without additional protection.

Laser protection class 1: Depending on the danger they pose, all lasers are divided into what are known as laser protection classes. Laser protection class 1 means that the laser system is so safe that no additional safety regulations have to be observed.

Materials: Each material has unique surface properties: Thanks to a wide variety of attachments and sophisticated technology, only one Mobil-Mark laser is required to mark wood, ceramics, metal, plastic, rubber, glass or stainless steel in a tamper-proof and long-lasting manner.

Mobile application: Mobility means flexibility – including in laser engraving: Our laser systems can be transported to the product in no time and without any effort.

Nova-f: Durability and resistance even in harsh conditions: These are features that are essential for a ceramic laser. Our Nova-f withstands these special conditions and delivers – like its big brother Quasar – a perfect engraving result.

Lenses:  Different lenses with different focal lengths allow for marking fields of different sizes and different laser powers on the workpiece.

Precision: Easy to read, durable and high-quality: These are the characteristics of a well executed engraving. And you can rely on these qualities with Mobil-Mark: Precision is one of our passions.

Quasar: A quasar is the active core of a galaxy that radiates huge amounts of energy – the perfect name for our equally central and unbeatable Quasar laser system.

Traceability: … is an important industry standard these days: If a workpiece is not precisely identified by a clearly legible marking, it cannot be traced.

Safety: …always comes first with us: This is why our laser systems are certified with laser protection class 1, which means that they can immediately do what they do best without any additional protection: engrave reliably.

Series production: For series production, we integrate our laser seamlessly into any infrastructure.  

Technical data: With the purchase of our laser, or on request in advance, you will receive a technical data sheet for the product. You can also find out about all the important technical data on our website.

Universal applicability: Our lasers offer you an almost unlimited range of applications.

Vertical stand: Would you like to benefit from even more convenience in manual engraving? – With the vertical stand you can fix the laser and move it up and down electrically and mechanically so that the engraving can be positioned in an exact and repeatable way.

Maintenance: In a training course, obligatory for every customer, we explain exactly how to maintain the laser and how to use it as intended. Of course, we will also lend a hand ourselves if this should be necessary.

X-axis and Y-axis: X-, Y- or Z-axis: Our laser can move to any position in three-dimensional space.

Accessories: From barcode readers for predefined marking layouts to laser handling systems for large and heavy workpieces: Our portfolio is rounded off by a wide range of accessories.