Integrated laser engraving

Customised solutions for a perfect labelling result

A strong link in your process chain: The mobile and stationary laser marking systems from Mobil-Mark can be seamlessly integrated into your production process – thanks to the maximum flexibility of the devices and customised special solutions from Mobil-Mark.

Mobil-Mark marking lasers are at home in all industries; This is because they are not only highly flexible in terms of their labelling performance, but are also highly adaptable in terms of their operating environment. The lasers are ready for immediate use ex works as a stand-alone solution for individual labelling. Thanks to open IT interface architecture and comprehensive automation capability, they can also perform their precision work automatically in production chains with high cycle times.

A good laser blends in. That is why the special machine builders at Mobil-Mark realise a perfect integration solution for the desired mobile or stationary laser for the respective environment for every special requirement. According to the motto: Everything from a single source, from planning to commissioning of the desired automation solution.

The mobile Quasar within an automation system – successful integration

Integrated into a customised automation solution, the Quasar mobile marking laser can achieve incredible things and deliver its maximum capabilities. A particular advantage here is that the Quasar requires no further protective measures for laser labelling. This means that the device – in combination with a robot, for example – can be used in a production environment without any additional safety requirements.

Quasar Automation

Automatic mobile marking – for optimum process reliability

In a customised automation solution, the Quasar labels with maximum performance; The Quasar mobile marking laser can also produce individual laser markings reliably and error-free on a large scale – for example, multi-digit serial numbers on a product batch. For optimum process reliability, it is ideal to use the device in conjunction with an automation solution. This prevents human errors such as accidentally skipped numbers. Among other things, the Quasar from Mobil-Mark has an interface for barcode readers – for error-free transfer of labelling data. Thanks to its comprehensive automation capability – including with robotics – the mobile marking laser offers extensive possibilities for individually flexible and repeatable labelling results at any time.

The stationary Strasor within an automation system – labelling on the fly

For maximum labelling efficiency within a production chain, the stationary Strasor laser marking system from Mobil-Mark is always the ideal solution where no particularly large, bulky or heavy objects need to be labelled (for which Mobil-Mark offers mobile solutions). The stationary Strasor can deliver top performance in combination with automation, for example where small parts need to be labelled, different focus positions are required or on objects with complex geometries.

The perfect assembly line worker

The stationary Strasor is an ideal choice if objects are to be laser-marked in the truest sense of the word; Its enclosure can be customised with automatic double locks so that the belt runs directly through the laser cabin and the transported workpieces are marked precisely and reliably at high cycle rates. The experts at Mobil-Mark will find the best solution for every need.

Strasor integrated into production chain

Your advantages at a glance


Maximum efficiency also for laser labelling within your process chain

Mobil-Mark ensures seamless integration of the desired mobile or stationary laser engraving system into the respective production process. There’s no such thing as can’t.


Open for any IT environment

The programming and control software of all Mobil-Mark marking lasers has an open interface architecture. This means that the engraving systems can be integrated into an existing IT environment to any depth and thus customised to the maximum for the respective application.


    Customised advice and solutions for every need

    The special machine builders at Mobil-Mark are experienced experts. They analyse, advise, plan and implement the most economical and technically suitable solution for the integration of a marking laser into the respective production environment – from partial automation to seamless integration into an assembly line.

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      Accessories - practice-orientated for flexible and convenient laser marking

      A good laser marking system, together with useful accessories, can bring the marking of parts to perfection and at the same time make work much easier. Mobil-Mark offers numerous practice-orientated accessories for both mobile and stationary laser systems; They help to ensure that even unusual markings are perfect under demanding conditions. The regular accessories programme is the result of special solutions that Mobil-Mark has developed according to individual customer requirements and which may also be relevant for other users.

      Accessories: Barcode reader

      Engraving laser in action

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