Mobile Laser Marking

The versatile Laser System for mobile applications.

Bring the laser to the product, not the product to the laser. With this goal in mind, the Mobil-Mark GmbH developed the versatile laser marking system, mobil-mark®. This portable laser offers a solution for nearly any marking application in various industries. Its main advantage is reliably marking plant parts, machinery, equipment or products made of various materials that do not fit into conventional stationary laser systems. The markings are permanent and of the highest quality. The combination of our engineering know-how with the flexibility of the laser system allows for precise adjustments to customers´ specifications. The application of mobil-mark® includes hand operated labeling of small parts, the integration in an assembly line station or – in combination with a robot in a highly automated production line.


Flexible and universally usable

The portable, universally usable laser tackles virtually all your marking tasks.
The system consists of a compact power and control unit and the laser hand piece, which is connected to the basic unit through a protective tube.
An easy, straightforward change of lenses and attachments enables mobil-mark®’s unmatched versatility.

mobil-mark® marks a variety of materials.

Edelstahlstainless steel Glasglass
Holzwood                Keramikceramic
Kunststoff plastic              Metallmetal

Our all-in-one laser system

satisfies customers in a wide range of industries such as

  • aerospace
  • automotive
  • electrical
  • computer
  • solar
  • watch and jewelry
  • packaging
  • glass & ceramic
  • semiconductor
  • tooling and molding
  • sporting goods