Laser marking machines by mobil-mark®







Engravig laser, that accomplish every marking task.

Our laser marking systems turn established marking processes in the industry on their heads: The parts that need to be marked do not have to be transported to the laser marking device; instead, the marking laser is brought to the part. The principle behind this: The laser systems are certified as laser protection class 1 and therefore safe to use without safety enclosure or goggles. They consist of a portable base unit and a compact laser head, which is used for the marking of the parts.
As a result, the laser systems score extra points for their minimal space requirements as well as great flexibility and can be integrated into any production process – whether that be manual marking in small-series production or in combination with a mounting device or an industrial robot in an highly automated shop floor.

Laser marking, as individual as your marking requirements.

Barcodes on small hard metal parts, serial numbers on large plastic parts, your brand logo on ceramics: thanks to different pulse frequencies and power ranges, focal lengths, individual safety enclosure, mounting and fixing devices, as well as many other features, our laser marking systems are highly adaptable to your specific marking task.


The advantages of working with us:

• portable solution for maximum flexibility: manual operation as well as integration into serial production are possible
• certified safety concept with laser protection class 1 for operation without safety goggles or enclosure
• adapted sealing units for every surface and every shape
• marking of different materials
• safety enclosure for exact adaptation to different parts and various surfaces
• development of custom solutions according to your requirements
• compatible with all different BUS-interfaces
• open interface architecture for interfacing with an ERP-system

Our laser in video

Experience our engraving laser in action: In our video section, you can watch laser demonstration videos, videos about our range of accessories, or videos about our trade show presentations, among others. We present our universal laser marking system in live use!


Flexible and universally usable laser engraving machine

The portable, universally usable laser tackles virtually all your marking tasks.
The system consists of a compact power and control unit and the laser hand piece, which is connected to the basic unit through a protective tube.
An easy, straightforward change of lenses and attachments enables mobil-mark®’s unmatched versatility.

mobil-mark® marks a variety of materials.

Our all-in-one laser system

satisfies customers in a wide range of industries such as

  • aerospace
  • automotive
  • electrical
  • computer
  • solar
  • watch and jewelry
  • packaging
  • glass & ceramic
  • semiconductor
  • tooling and molding
  • sporting goods