Laser engraving of stainless steel

Precise, rapid and long-lasting

Stainless steel laser labelling

Machine parts, tools, structural components or everyday objects – laser engraving can mark workpieces made of all types of chromium-nickel steel alloys precisely, easily and in great detail. With the unique Quasar-series mobile laser engraving machines from Mobil-Mark, using any marking process for laser engraving takes no time at all. Small batch production, individual pieces or prototypes, large, small, flat, concave, convex or spherical: the surface of any stainless steel object can be flawlessly marked with ease. Thanks to the sealing units for the laser head, which can be changed quickly and easily, any surface structure can be marked.
In order to prevent oxidation during laser engraving of stainless steel, the Quasar engraving laser can be used in a protective gas atmosphere.
Common areas of application for the Quasar engraving lasers from Mobil-Mark include the marking of the following items:
  • 5Machine components
  • 5Tools
  • 5Structural components
  • 5Everyday objects
  • 5Pharmaceutical devices
  • 5Food-processing systems

Examples of use

Common areas of application for the Quasar engraving lasers from Mobil-Mark include the marking of the following stainless steel items:

Various marking processes on stainless steel



Coloured temper marking is created by heating up the desired area of the workpiece point by point (the resulting oxide layers create the colour effect).

Marking in a protective gas atmosphere

Marking in a protective gas atmosphere

For improved corrosion resistance in laser engraving, particularly for alloy steel (stainless steel).


Black marking

For particularly dark, high-contrast marking of the surface without removing material.

infografic Laser Engraving

Laser engraving

Marking by removing material to create a depression in the surface. In our case study, discover how the aviation experts at MTU Aero Engines GmbH laser-engrave their special high-speed steel tools with the Quasar 20 laser from Mobil-Mark.

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Comprehensive range of accessories to allow customisation for every application.

The Mobil-Mark engraving lasers can be optimally equipped for any individual area of application in the marking of stainless steel. To that end, Mobil-Mark offers a broad range of accessories that precisely optimise the laser for every application. Below are a few examples.

Engraving laser in action

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