Laser engraving of metal

Permanent and gentle on materials

Metal Laser marking

With the laser engraving machines from Mobil-Mark, marking or labelling metal workpieces is incredibly fast and gentle – unlike conventional methods such as etching or marking stamps. Markings made on metal by lasers are also permanent, abrasion-resistant, non-fading, UV-resistant, food-safe and tamper-proof.

Metal workpieces with many different surface properties can be engraved. The wide range of customisable sealing units allow the Mobil-Mark engraving lasers to be optimally adapted to any laser marking job – on practically any surface or structure.

Metal surfaces of any kind can be marked with Mobil-Mark engraving lasers. These surfaces include:

Examples of use

Common areas of application for the Mobil-Mark engraving lasers include the marking of the following metal items:

Various marking processes on metal

Infographic: tempering


The temper marking process involves heating up the surface of the metal point by point so that the resulting oxide layers create different colour effects. This marking process is particularly well-suited to metals that change colours under the influence of heat and oxygen. 

Infographic: laser engraving

Laser engraving

Laser engraving is a process during which metals are intensely heated by a laser. Depending on the process time, the material is either vaporised or incinerated. Laser engravings are highly durable and abrasion-resistant. In our case study, discover how Schoeller-Bleckmann Oilfield Technology uses the Quasar laser engraving system from Mobil-Mark to mark its steel drill string components.

Infographic: black marking

Black marking

The benefit of the process known as black marking is that it can create particularly dark, high-contrast markings on metal without removing any material at all. 

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Comprehensive range of accessories to allow customisation for every application.

The Mobil-Mark engraving lasers can be optimally equipped for any individual area of application in the marking of metals. To that end, Mobil-Mark offers a broad range of accessories that precisely optimise the laser for every application. Below are a few examples.


Engraving laser in action

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