Sealing units as laser protection

For every surface

Light-proof, airtight sealing of the engraving area

The unique sealing units on the laser head ensure that the laser protection class 1 Quasar and Nova-f laser engraving machines from Mobil-Mark can be operated entirely without protective housing or protective gear. The flexible rubber lips seal the engraving area, making it light-proof and airtight. They reliably ensure that no laser radiation can escape the engraving area.

Mobil-Mark offers a suitable sealing unit for every shape to ensure that any surface can be marked or labelled. Consequently, the laser can engrave not only smooth, even surfaces, but also concave, convex or spherical ones. Uneven objects can also be laser-engraved, thanks to the rubber lip that adapts to the surface. The sealing units can be changed quickly and easily in a single step, to allow for marking of a range of different surfaces. And thanks to their clever design, the sealing units are highly durable and long-lasting.

In addition to a wide range of standard sealing units, Mobil-Mark offers special models that can even be individually designed for each workpiece upon request. 

Countless marking options

Whether you’re dealing with flat or rounded surfaces, or small or large marking fields, the sealing units from Mobil-Mark are individually adapted so that they can mark any surface. But perhaps best of all, they can be attached to the laser head or changed in just one simple step, allowing you to mark objects like pipes or even corners easily, cleanly and precisely.

Need to go bigger? No problem! We develop specially adapted sealing units to suit your specific requirements. Explore a selection of typical applications here.

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