Stationary Laser Strasor

The power station for economical laser marking in one place

Your laser for stationary laser marking

The stationary Strasor marking laser from Mobil-Mark stands for maximum efficiency in laser marking. Even in its basic configuration, the system offers everything you would expect from a professional, robust, industrial-quality laser marking system. From the comprehensive software package with no hidden costs, to a grid hole plate for customer-side workpiece fixtures, through to the performance-oriented branded laptop: With the Strasor, you can realise your markings directly and without further configurations – true to the motto “plug-and-play”

The Strasor is at home in any environment.

In the Advanced version, the stationary marking laser is highly adaptable and can be customised for any special requirements. Mobil-Mark’s extensive range of accessories offers numerous attachments that enable precise marking for any desired application – for example, the optionally available rotation axis. It enables the lateral surfaces of cylindrical objects to be labelled with pin-sharp definition.


Technical data of the Strasor

Electrical connected load: 230 V /100 V (single-phase), 50/60 Hz, 10 A
Max. Workpiece size: 900 x 350 x 420 mm
Max. Workpiece weight: 75 kg
Z-axis travel: 450 mm
Average laser power: 20-50 W (
depending on model)
Laser protection class: 1 according to DIN EN 60825-1
Laser wavelength: 1064 mm
Fokussieroptik: f = 160 mm
Depth of field: ± 3mm
Marking field size: 110 x 110 mm
Interface: TCP/IP, iOS, USB and much more
Protection class: IP54
Dimensions: 1170 x 890 x 990/1810 mm (incl. base cabinet)
Weight: 75 kg / 120 kg

Performance classes Strasor

The right performance class for every application

The Strasor stationary marking laser is available in three power classes and enables permanent marking of metal, plastic and ceramics, among other things. Annealing and application coating as well as deep engraving are also easily and safely possible with the laser marking system from Mobil-Mark. Three factors are decisive when selecting the performance class of the Strasor: material/surface, engraving depth and cycle time (duration of laser engraving). There is a choice of devices with laser outputs of up to 20 watts, 30 watts and 50 watts to suit individual requirements. Higher performance classes are also available on request.

Your benefits at a glance


Powerful entry-level model

The Strasor is available as standard in the 20 watt power class and can cover marking fields up to 110 x 110 mm. With the automatic Z-axis, you can access a travel distance of up to 450 mm. You can mark components that are up to 900 x 350 x 420 mm in size.


Practice-orientated, self-explanatory and robust

All functionalities of the Strasor are logically structured and follow the needs of industrial practice. For example, the self-explanatory operating and CAD software enables smooth and high-quality marking – even by untrained personnel. Thanks to its robust housing, the Strasor also withstands harsh production environments.



The open interface architecture of Mobil-Mark’s device software enables digital networking with all standard ERP systems on the market. Maximum integration in Industry 4.0.



Thanks to an easy-to-operate sliding door that opens upwards, laser marking is easy on the back.



    Almost any material and any surface geometry can be marked with the Strasor. Useful all-rounder for everyday practice


    No need for protection

    All laser marking systems from Mobil-Mark are certified to laser protection class 1 for operation without additional protective housing or safety goggles. Saves investment, time and space – and above all, no laser safety officer is required. An adjacent extraction system also ensures that harmful process gases are filtered out.



    Durable industrial quality “Made in Germany”, comprehensive service offerings and a good price-performance ratio promise optimum investment protection. Mobil-Mark pays off.


    Ready for operation according to the "plug-and-play" principle

    Every Mobil-Mark stationary laser is equipped with all the components required for operation as standard – from the powerful Mobil-Mark laptop with ready-to-use labelling software and no hidden purchase options to the grid plate for attaching individual holding devices.

      Strasor Basic or Strasor Advanced?

      The Mobil-Mark Strasor already offers many advantages, regardless of its design. Depending on the marking requirements, we offer this in two versions. The Strasor Basic is ideal as an entry-level model for simple marking jobs. Particularly demanding applications, on the other hand, can be realised with the Strasor Advanced version of the marking laser. Compared to the basic model, the Strasor Advanced has additional equipment and functions – here you will find an overview:

      Strasor 20

      Strasor Basic

      For simple marking requirements


      Space-saving solution

      with free-standing extraction unit for your workbench


      Leistungsfähiger 20 Watt Faserlaser



      1170 x 890 x 990mm


      Manually operated door


      Marking field size

      standardised 110 x 110 mm for small to medium-sized objects


      Electric Z-axis

      with 450 mm travel


      Compact standalone solution

      Strasor 50

      Strasor Advanced

      For demanding marking tasks


      Additional, spacious base cabinet

      incl. three lockable drawers, laptop holder, pull-out workpiece support and integrated suction


      Choice of 30 or 50 watt fibre laser

      On request also with higher output up to 250 watts as MOPA version



      1170 x 890 x 1810mm (incl. base cabinet)


      Automatic door

      Electric door opening in 1.6 seconds for minimised cycle times


      Marking field size

      175 x 175 mm für große Objekte (optional)


      Rotary axis

      for circumferential labelling and additional autofocus for Z-axis (optional)


      Can be integrated and configured to meet specific requirements

      for your production line (optional)

      Quasar in robot automation

      Customised solutions - We develop what you want

      Mobil-Mark aims to offer the perfect solution for every conceivable application in mobile and stationary laser engraving. Would you like an accessory that is not yet available? We develop it for you - needs-orientated, well thought-out and of the best quality "Made in Germany". Mobil-Mark is therefore also a special machine manufacturer for customised marking laser environments. We develop what you need - guaranteed.

      Please contact us to receive advice from our experts.

      Let us know if you have any questions, requests or suggestions. We look forward to receiving your call, e-mail or message via our contact form.

      Cutting-edge laser technology

      All three Quasar models use fibre laser technology, a special form of solid-state laser. This offers many advantages in day-to-day commercial and industrial practice.


      High power density

      unlike CO lasers2Fibre lasers can produce an extremely small focal diameter: The intensity of the laser beam is up to 100 times greater than that of CO2lasers of the same power.


      Particularly long life

      Mobil-Mark incorporates a MOPA (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) fibre laser into the Quasar This type of laser offers all the advantages of a fibre laser, plus the ability to variably adjust the pulse duration, making it one of the most flexible lasers on the market and suitable for a wide range of materials applications.

      Structure of the fibre laser

      Engraving laser in action

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