Laser engraving of ceramics

Pin-sharp and long-lasting

Marking ceramics

Ceramic bathroom fittings, tableware, tiles or technical items such as casting moulds – for ceramics, and porcelain in particular, laser marking or engraving is an ideal method. The Mobil-Mark Quasar universal engraving laser and the specially developed Nova-f ceramic marking laser deliver the necessary precision to create high-quality marking on premium ceramics. Additionally, the devices were designed to withstand the harsh production conditions in the ceramics industry: they are dust-resistant, durable and gentle on materials. For glazed ceramics, the spray paint coating and film coating methods are ideal; deep engraving is an option for unglazed ceramics. Thanks to the perfectly adapted sealing units, ceramic workpieces with any type of surface can be engraved.

Common areas of application for the Mobil-Mark lasers include the marking of:

  • 5Ceramic bathroom fittings
  • 5Tiles
  • 5Tableware
  • 5Casting moulds
  • 5Medical porcelain
  • 5Pharmaceutical porcelain
  • 5Industrial porcelain

Examples of use

Common areas of application for the Mobil-Mark lasers include the marking of the following ceramic items:

Various marking processes on ceramics

Spray Coating

Coating with spray paint

Spray paint onto the workpiece, allow to dry, fuse the desired marking or logo onto the workpiece using a laser, wipe away excess paint, job done. The result is a flat, abrasion-resistant, dishwasher-safe marking in any desired design or colour.

foil dispenser

Coating with PVD film

Attach film dispenser to laser head, transfer the metal layer of the film onto the workpiece using the laser, job done. The result is a flat, permanently abrasion-resistant and dishwasher-safe marking in any desired design or colour.

infografic Laser Engraving

Deep engraving

Position laser head on unglazed ceramic workpiece, apply deep engraving laser, job done. Depending on the labelling parameters, the result is a white or black engraving of varying depth.

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Comprehensive range of accessories to allow customisation for every application.

The Mobil-Mark engraving lasers can be optimally equipped for any individual area of application in the marking of ceramics. To that end, Mobil-Mark offers a broad range of accessories that precisely optimise the laser for every application. Below are a few examples.


Engraving laser in action

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