Mobile laser marking systems reduce production times and logistics workload

5. April 2018 | Press

Ulm, Germany, March 6, 2018 – At HANNOVER MESSE, laser manufacturer Mobil-Mark will be demonstrating how the integration of mobile laser marking systems can significantly reduce production times and logistics costs in large and small batch production. The principle: the product to be marked does not have to be transported to a laser station; instead, the laser is integrated directly at the point in the production process where the marking is to take place. For this purpose, the laser head of the Mobil-Mark laser marking systems can be fixed either in an automatically positionable holding device specially developed for the laser systems or on an industrial robot. A protective housing or the wearing of safety goggles is not necessary with the Mobil-Mark lasers, as they are certified according to laser protection class 1 due to their sophisticated safety concept. This makes Mobil-Mark laser marking systems suitable for use in a wide range of industries, including automotive, plastics, ceramics, and food processing. The trade show presentation will also focus on the Mobil-Mark Quasar fiber laser as the newest member of the product family. Thanks to its power of up to 60 watts, the Quasar significantly shortens the engraving process and, thanks to its variably adjustable pulse frequency of 1 to 400 kHz, can be precisely adapted to the marking task at hand – whether tempering marking, application process or deep engraving. Like all Mobil-Mark lasers, the Quasar is configured precisely to individual customer requirements in terms of lens size, attachment shape, mounting bracket and many other features.

Whether it’s information on type, serial number, production date or manufacturer: In order to document the clear identification of products seamlessly and throughout their entire service life, clear part marking is now a natural requirement for manufacturing companies. As a rule, the parts to be marked are transported to a laser station after production and marked there. However, it is significantly more economical and time-saving if the laser is integrated directly into the manufacturing process. “In the case of subsequent installation, however, this may often not be possible due to lack of space or may involve a great deal of effort. For this reason, some companies even have their products or semi-finished tools marked off-site after production, which leads to longer delivery times in addition to additional logistics costs,” says Mobil-Mark Managing Director Dieter Steck, who knows from practical experience. Mobil-Mark laser marking systems consist of a compact, mobile base unit for controlling the processes and a compact laser head for marking the products. As a result, they score with minimal space requirements, maximum flexibility and, thanks to laser protection class 1, can be operated without a protective housing. “At our booth in Hanover, we will demonstrate how easily our lasers can be integrated into almost any manufacturing environment – from small batch production to highly automated production environments – thanks to their features,” says Steck.

Mobil-Mark Quasar for marking hard metals

With the Mobil-Mark Quasar, the laser specialist added a powerful mobile fiber laser for precise, permanent marking of hard metals to its product portfolio at the end of last year. The laser has a power output of up to 60 watts and offers variably adjustable pulse frequencies from 1 to 400 kHz. In addition, various lenses from 60 mm to 580 mm are available, allowing marking fields of up to 400 mm x 400 mm to be realized. The beam diameter with a 100 mm lens is 20 µm, so that even filigree markings can be carried out precisely. For high demands on stainless steel engravings, such as in the pharmaceutical and food industries, protective gas can also be introduced instead of air during the marking process to achieve corrosion-free marking. The power consumption during laser marking is 300 watts – a conventional 240V socket is sufficient for operation.

About Mobil-Mark

Mobil-Mark develops and produces complete laser systems that can be used both mobile and stationary and solve almost any marking task. With the Mobil-Mark Laser, the company has developed the world's only flexible and universally applicable laser marking system and established it on the market.

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